Surf only with KEYBOARD

Key Features

Effortless Link Navigation

Effortlessly find: Automatically identifies and highlights all links on any web page.

Easy access: Numbers are added before each link, allowing quick visual reference.

Click and go: Simply click on the numbered link to open it in a new tab.

Enhanced User Experience

Clean integration: Modifies only the user’s view without altering the original webpage content.

Accessibility: Navigate through numbered links using the keyboard by entering the desired number and pressing Enter.

Improved Efficiency and Time Saving

Rapid navigation: Bypass the need to scroll through long text or search for specific links.

Increased productivity: Save time and effort by quickly accessing the desired link with a single click.

Help Notes

Finding Links

The extension automatically highlights all links on the current web page.

Numbers are added before each link for easy reference.

Simply click on the numbered link to open it in a new tab.

Navigating with Keyboard

Enter the desired link number in the input field on the popup window.

Press the “Enter” key to open the selected link in a new tab.

Load your extension in Chrome

Open Chrome and navigate to chrome://extensions/.

Enable “Developer mode” in the top right corner.

Click “Load unpacked” and select your extension folder(from zip file you have download it).

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